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Table of Contents : Chapter 1: Terms of reference, committee process and structure of report; Chapter 2: Executive summary; Chapter 3: General information about law libraries; Chapter 4: Libraries - common issues & industry trends; Chapter 5: Historical development of county law libraries; Chapter 6: The current operation of county law libraries (non-financial); Chapter 7: A library "system"; Chapter 8: Current financial operation of the county libraries; Chapter 9: The role of technology in law libraries; Chapter 10: A period of transition in technology for the legal profession and for law libraries; Chapter 11: Costs of closing libraries; Chapter 12: Possible delivery models for county law libraries; Chapter 13: Issues in financing the county libraries; Chapter 14: Summary; Chapter 15: Further reports; Appendices.

8/1/98, 12:00 AM

Second report of the Working Group on Long-Term Delivery of County and District Library Services.

4/1/99, 12:00 AM

Third report of the Working Group on Long-Term Delivery of County and District Library Services - Administrative Working Group.

5/1/00, 12:00 AM


5/1/97, 12:00 AM

6/1/96, 12:00 AM

Contents : Introduction; Message from the Treasurer; Payment for lawyers; Criminal law priorities and tariffs; Family law priorities and tariffs; Immigration / refugee priorities and tariffs; and, Civil litigation priorities and tariffs.

1/1/96, 12:00 AM

The report includes interviews with a cross-section of the legal profession about the relationship between their faith/spiritual belief(s) and practices, the rule of law and legal practice. The following individuals were interviewed: Kiran Kaur Bhinder (Sikh), Judith Holzman (Jewish), Douglas Elliott (Christian), Vinay Jain (Jain), John Borrows (Aboriginal), Amina Sherazee (Muslim), Anita Balakrishna (Hindu), and Eric Nguyen (Buddhist).

4/14/05, 12:00 AM

Table of Contents : List of tables; List of figures; List of abbreviations; Section 1. Introduction; Section 2. Characteristics of the sample; Section 3. Characteristics of current position; Section 4. The private practice of law; Section 5. Workplace issues; Section 6. Analysis of comments offered by participants; Section 7. Conclusions; Appendix A: Covering letters to questionnaire; Appendix B: Questionnaire.

9/1/04, 12:00 AM

Table of Contents : I. History of the Law Society; II. Legislative history; III. Roles, powers and structure of the Law Society of Upper Canada; IV. Entry into the profession of law; V. Ethics and discipline and civil liability; VI. Practice of the profession and relationship to the regulatory structure; VII. County and District Law Associations; VIII. The Canadian Bar Association; IX. Subsidized services; X. Paraprofessionals; Footnotes.

1/1/78, 12:00 AM

1/1/00, 12:00 AM

Contents : Introduction; Value of leadership by and for women; Challenges for women in leadership; Strategies for women's leadership success.

2/1/13, 12:00 AM

A reprint of "A lecture on professional conduct and etiquette" by Thomas G. Lund, C.B.E., The Law Society, 1950. The reprint was distributed to members of the profession in 1956 by direction of Convocation on the recommendation of the Discipline Committee.

1/1/56, 12:00 AM

Contents : Executive summary; Why are civil legal needs important to all Ontarians?; What low and middle-income Ontarians told us about their civil legal needs; Finding legal services and legal information; A path for the future: addressing people's unmet civil legal needs; Appendix A. The Ontario Civil Legal Needs Project process; Appendix B. Organizational profiles.

5/1/10, 12:00 AM

10/1/17, 12:00 AM


11/1/16, 12:00 AM

10/1/16, 12:00 AM

4/1/12, 12:00 AM

1/1/57, 12:00 AM

Contents : Foreward; Introduction; I. A brief history of legal education in Ontario; II. Review of the state of legal education; III. Recommendations; Appendices: A. List of recommendations; B. Background papers completed for the Special Committee on Legal Education, Written briefs submitted to the Special Committee on Legal Education, Reports of Legal Education Committee; C. Report of the Sub-Committee Appointed to Consider the Financial Implications of Changes in the Bar Admission Course, Outline of possible stages of development of the Bar Admission Course; D. Summary of 1957 regulations of the Law Society of Upper Canada for approved law courses, Changes in the regulations concerning approved law schools passed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, March 1969.

1/1/72, 12:00 AM

1/1/35, 12:00 AM

Table of contents : Introduction; Part 1 - Should the Society continue the E&O program?; Part 2 - The deficit; Part 3 - The 1994 supplementary levy; Part 4 - Increasing revenues in 1995 and beyond; Part 5 - Decreasing expenses in 1995 and beyond; Administrative matters; Appendix.

11/15/94, 12:00 AM

1/1/09, 12:00 AM

Table of Contents : Executive summary; Foreward by the Paralegal Standing Committee; Introduction; History of paralegal regulation; Analysis of paralegal regulation; Conclusions; Appendices.

6/1/12, 12:00 AM

Contents : Executive summary; List of tables; List of charts; Introduction; Conducting research on Ontario lawyers using the Canadian censuses; Representation of Aboriginal people and members of visible minorities; Representation of women in the legal profession; Race, gender and the workplace; Incomes of lawyers; Conclusions; Methodological appendix: measures and concepts in this study; Notes.

10/1/04, 12:00 AM

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